Collaborative Ramp Check Conducted by Jasa Raharja Branch NTBi with Relevant Partners

Collaborative Ramp Check Conducted by Jasa Raharja Branch NTBi with

Jasa Raharja Branch in NTB Conducts Ramp Check with Related Work Partners

Jasa Raharja Branch in NTB recently conducted a joint ramp check operation with several related work partners in the area. This initiative aims to ensure the safety and compliance of public transportation vehicles with the established regulations. The collaboration between Jasa Raharja and its partners demonstrates their commitment to upholding safety standards in the region.

The ramp check operation involved inspecting various aspects of public transportation vehicles, such as brakes, lights, tires, and overall vehicle condition. This thorough inspection is crucial in identifying any potential risks or issues that may compromise the safety of passengers and drivers. By conducting these ramp checks regularly, Jasa Raharja and its partners can prevent accidents and promote a safer transportation environment in NTB.

During the ramp check operation, Jasa Raharja and its partners also emphasized the importance of driver compliance with traffic regulations and safety protocols. Drivers were reminded to prioritize the safety of their passengers and themselves while on the road. Additionally, they were educated on the significance of regular vehicle maintenance to prevent breakdowns and accidents.

In addition to ensuring the safety of public transportation vehicles, the ramp check operation also aimed to raise awareness among drivers and passengers about road safety measures. Jasa Raharja and its partners conducted information sessions and distributed educational materials on safe driving practices and emergency procedures. By actively engaging with the community, they hope to instill a culture of safety consciousness among all road users in NTB.

Overall, the ramp check operation conducted by Jasa Raharja Branch in NTB, in collaboration with its work partners, is a proactive measure to enhance road safety in the region. By enforcing compliance with safety regulations, educating drivers and passengers, and promoting a culture of safety consciousness, they are contributing to the reduction of road accidents and injuries. This collective effort underscores the commitment of Jasa Raharja and its partners to prioritize the well-being of the public and improve the overall quality of transportation services in NTB.

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